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Local Houston Carpet Cleaning Texas. Air Duct Cleaning Tile And Grout
There is nothing more difficult than choosing the right carpet cleaning company. There are many different companies using many different methods. With so many options, how do you make the right choice? Our company is here to help. Our exclusive process begins with an all natural, hypo-allergenic pre-spray being applied to the carpet that begins to emulsify and break up the dirt and soils. Then, we use 200-degree water, a deep-cleaning solution and powerful suction that extracts deep-down dirt and 95% of the moisture for fast drying time. Here at Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX, we want to make sure the quality of the air you and your family breath in is clean. Often the most overlooked household and commercial services are the cleaning of your air ducts, performing a regular chimney sweep and cleaning your dryer vents. When air vents aren’t maintained and kept clean build up of dust particles, pollen, mold and other debris contaminate your vents and are released through the air you breathe. We are specializes in tile and grout cleaning for residential and commercial business. Whether it be ceramic, porcelain, slate, marble, granite, travertine or others, we can help to make it look like new again without expensive tear outs and remodels. Our highly skilled team of specialists understands how important it is to flawlessly carry out each assignment. Quality guarantee procedures, experienced professionals and our high expectations are your assurance of a job well done.
Carpet Cleaning Services
Rug Cleaning Steam Cleaning Stain Removal Tile Cleaning
Residential Carpet Cleaning Restretch Carpet Office Carpet Cleaning Tile Floor Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning Pet Odor Removal Pollen Removal Porcelain Tile Cleaning
Repair Carpet Carpet Repair Fan Motor Cleaning Reseal Grout
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Home Carpet Cleaning Pet Stain Removal Grout Cleaning
Cleaning Carpet Pet Stain Cleaning What is Duct Cleaning? Kitchen Tile Cleaning
Vents Cleaning Vent and Duct Cleaning Vent Cleaning Clean Grout
Vent Duct Cleaning Vent Cleaning Residential Air Ducts Upholstery Cleaning
Duct Cleaning Home Air Ducts How to Duct Cleaning Mold Prevention
AC Cleaning Air Conditioner Cleaning Air Vent Cleaning Furnace Cleaning
Commercial Air Vents Bacteria Prevention Air Ducts Cleaning Dust Buildup Removal
Residential Air Vents Dryer Vent Cleaning Office Air Ducts Cleaning Services
Air Duct Cleaning Ventilation Duct Office Air Vents Sofa Cleaning
Home Air Vents Commercial Air Ducts Air Duct Cleaning Service Furniture Cleaning
Couch Cleaning Fan Motor Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning  
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Dryer Vent Upholstery Water Damage
Our technique cleans your entire dryer vent system twice – once from the outside and once from the inside – so you can be sure the job has been done right.  According to dryer manufacturers, your dryer vent must be producing about 96 cubic feet of air per minute at a velocity of 1100 feet per minute in order for your dryer to be operating efficiently and safely.  We test your system using a sophisticated thermo-anemometer to be sure that you are getting the proper air velocity and volume at the vent cap. When dryers take longer than one cycle to dry clothes, the amount of wasted energy can be substantial. Are our cleaning solutions safe for my home, family and pets? Absolutely. Our non toxic gentle cleaning solution deep cleans your upholstery while being friendly to our environment. We take great pride in being an Eco- Friendly Company. Our exclusive treatments are designed to treat pet urine stains. However, even with the most advanced techniques, urine can sometimes permanently discolor upholstery fabric. Depending on the fabric you have, we may be able to use our enzyme producing treatment to remove both stains and offensive odors. This is a procedure that can only be determined once our technician evaluates your fabric. Our company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides a quick response time. We arrive prepared to handle any water damage restoration in your area or sewage damage situation no matter how big or small. We also work directly with your insurance company to address any concerns. Our business in Houston provides a state-of-the-art dehumidifiers is designed to dry the entire structure efficiently by lowering the humidity and providing optimum drying conditions.
Water Damage Services
Water Damage and Restoration Wet Drywall Repair 24 Hour Water Damage Restoration
Wet Carpet Drying Water Removal and Extraction Water Removal services
Residential Water Damage Restoration Flood Repair and Cleanup Commercial Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Clean Up Emergency Water Damage Restoration Basement Water Damage
Fire and Water Damage Restoration Water Damage Cleaning Water Damage Restoration Company
Cleaning Water Damage Water Leak Cleanup Mold and Mildew Testing
Water Restoration Wall and Content Drying Water Damage Mold
Water Damage Restoration Water Damage Service Deodorization and Sanitation
Water Damage Cleanup Water Extraction Services Flood Damage
Flood Damage Restoration Water Damage Carpet Water Damage Remediation
Our professionals use a very effective Hot Water Extraction System for cleaning. Our system utilizes super heated water and a water softener to remove dirt and bacteria without soap or harsh chemicals. We don't need it. The super heated water breaks up dirt and grease without damaging the fibers or over-wetting your carpet. Our recirculating system keeps the clean, hot water moving from the tank to the wand so it doesn't have a chance to cool down sitting in the line. Powerful Vacuums then extract the dirty water, leaving your carpets clean, soft and odor free.
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Carpet is an expensive investment and you want to take the best possible care of it to keep it looking great for as long as possible and to maintain your warranty. We recommend vacuuming weekly to remove abrasive particles that can damage the fibers and have it cleaned twice a year by our professionals. Oriental and area rugs can be picked up and cleaned at our facility, utilizing the same hot-water extraction method. They are then delivered back to you clean, dry and fresh.
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